Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Triptych Commission

Projection of the paintings installed.
I had a nice commission through the Quidley & Company Galleries this year, to do a triptych for the mantel pictured above. I thought I would share a little about the process of this project.

After the client had selected me for the commission, they didn't necessarily have a clear idea of what they wanted in the space except to have three paintings that go together installed into the architectural panels above their mantel. So we went over some of my previous works, and they really liked this one...
Erik Koeppel "The Wildcat Brook" 16 x12 in. Oil on panel
I proposed that this painting be the basis for the center panel, and to have the two side paintings be invented extensions of the scene. I sketched the idea out  in pencil on a sketchbook page as follows:

As this idea was well received, I went on to a small oil sketch...

Then it was on to the full sized panels, which came to a total of about 6ft. wide. I had to build a little custom apparatus to hold the panels together while I worked...
This shows the setup, and the paintings on the first day of work, when I blocked in the major structures of the pictures.
Then came six months of painting. The challenge for me was to make the three paintings flow together well, but also to have each of them stand on there own as a picture. Here is the finished triptych:

Erik Koeppel "The Meeting Waters" 31 3/8 x 70 in. Oil on panel, Private Collection
Special thanks to Quidley & Company for setting this project in motion. I really enjoyed the challenge!

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Grand Prize at Plein Air Texas

I'm very honored to report that my paintings won both The Grand Prize and Artist's Choice Awards at Plein Air Texas. Additionally both paintings sold, as well as numerous other pieces created at the event.

It was wonderful to spend time painting with so many talented artists and have access to numerous beautiful private ranches around San Angelo, TX. Everyone was so nice, and I would highly recommend this event to artists and collectors.

This is the description from their website, "The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts welcomes 34 of the top Plein Air artists in the world to SAN ANGELO, TEXAS!  The fourth annual EnPleinAirTEXAS is one of the top plein air competitions in the country and attracts award-winning artist applicants from coast to coast and from outside the U.S."

You can find tons of photos from the event on their facebook page: link

Here are some of my photos:
Grand Prize, Erik Koeppel "Head of the Concho River" 16 x24 in. Oil on panel, Private Collection

Erik Koeppel "Sunset from the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art" 6 x 8 in. Oil on panel, Private Collection
Receiving the Artist's Choice Award
Erik Koeppel "Sulfur Draw" 11 x 14 in. Oil on panel, Private Collection
Erik Koeppel "Sunrise at Six Mile Ranch" 14 x 24 in. Oil on panel, Private Collection
9x14 out taken in progress

6x8 taken in progress

9x14 taken in progress

12x18 in. Sunrise in the Cotton Fields in progress

We had a great time.

The next competition in March, I'll be judging rather than competing. I'll also teach a workshop following the event:

ARTISTS Please apply!
Upcoming Plein Air Event, deadline November 15th, 2017
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

En Plein Air Texas

Lauren Sansaricq and I will be attending the En Plein Air Texas 2017 painting competition, from October 22-29 this year. Should be a fun time.

For more information consult their website:

Don't forget about the Louisiana event I'm judging next March. Artists please apply!

Upcoming Plein Air Event, deadline November 15th, 2017
I'll be judging the competition, and teaching a workshop following the event.
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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

White Mountain Art Show and Sale 2017

Erik Koeppel "Autumn Storm on Mt. Washington" 16 x27inches. Oil on canvas $5500
It's that time of year again. The Jackson Historical Society will host their 15th Annual White Mountain Art Show and Sale. Additionally the Museum of White Mountain Art in the same building will open it's new exhibition, The Earliest White Mountain Paintings: 1800-1850 Thomas Cole and other Hudson River School Artists. 

The opening reception of both the sale and exhibition will be Friday, October 13th, 2017 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Jackson Historical Society, 23 Black Mountain Road, Jackson, N.H.

The Show and Sale, includes predominantly 19th Century paintings of the White Mountains, and contemporary White Mountain Art from selected artists, Lauren Sansaricq and myself are included.

To view the online catalogue or purchase work click these links:
19th Century:

Here is a selection of the works I'll have for sale:

Erik Koeppel "Mt Washington in Winter from Jackson" 16 x 24 inches. Oil on canvas $5600

Erik Koeppel "Eagle Cliff" 11 x9 inches. Oil on panel $2900

Erik Koeppel "Autumn in Jackson, Wildcat Brook" 16 x12 inches. Oil on panel $4200

Erik Koeppel "Autumn on the Ellis River" 10 x 8 inches. Oil on panel $2600

Erik Koeppel "The Old Apple Tree, Black Mt. Road, Jackson" 16x13inches (oval) Oil on panel $4500

Erik Koeppel "Storm on Mt. Washington from Jackson" 18x24inches. Oil on panel $5800

Erik Koeppel "Mt. Washington in Autumn" 8 x12 in. Oil on panel SOLD

Erik Koeppel "Nancy's Brook" 14 x18 inches. Oil on panel $4600
To inquire about the work feel welcome to contact Warren Schomaker at the Jackson Historical Society by phone or email, 603-383-4060

 Here's a preview of the museum show upstairs:

A Thomas Doughty painting

An Alvan Fisher painting

My Painting of the Willey Slide
 If you can't make the opening reception Friday, Oct. 13th 5-9pm, the  sale will continue into early November, and the museum exhibition will remain until March 31st, 2018.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you at the opening!

P.S. I had a painting in USA Today recently in an article on the best plein air painting spots. My painting is number 8 of 18, "Kaaterskill Falls"
Here's a link:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mount Chocorua in Autumn Commission

Erik Koeppel "Mount Chocorua in Autumn" 24 x 44in. Oil on canvas
For the past 10 months or so, I've been working on this commissioned painting of Mount Chocorua in Autumn. I think it's one of my best, and wanted to share it.


Upcoming Plein Air Event, deadline November 15th, 2017
I'll be judging the competition, and teaching a workshop following the event.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Workshop and Plein Air Competition in Louisiana for March 2018

Erik Koeppel "Live Oak" 9 x14 in. Oil on panel

 I'll be going down to Louisiana in March 2018 to Judge the Shadows-on-the-Teche Plein Air Competition, and will also teach a workshop following the event. If you'd like to apply for the competition or sign up for the workshop, please find the application below. This is a fairly new competition, and has $6000 in prizes, so please, artist friends...come get it!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Paintings from the Shawangunk Mountains, New York

Erik Koeppel "Sunrise at the Mohonk Mountain House" 9 x 18 in. Oil on panel

In June, I was the featured artist at Artist's Inspiration Week  at the Mohonk Mountain House in the Shawangunks. Here are the paintings I made outdoors that week. Most have been reworked in the studio from memory and imagination.

For more info on the event,and  at the Mohonk here's a link:

Here are the rest of the paintings:

Erik Koeppel "A Fine Day in the Shawangunks" 8.5 x 14 in. Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "Mohonk Lake, Morning Mist" 8 x10 in. Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "Storm Approaching" 8 x12 inches. Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "Thunderheads in the Shawangunks" 8 x 10 inches. Oil on panel 
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