Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Big Painting, Officially Unveiled

If you weren't able to make the unveiling event, here's a little video of what it was like. The Jackson Historical Society and Museum of White Mountain Art was packed to capacity with spectators. Some folks had to look in at the veil drop from outside the window. It was an incredible event, and I'm so honored by the incredible level of community support that has accompanied this project. The painting was commissioned for permanent display as the centerpiece of the Museum of White Mountains Art's collection. In addition to the Jackson Historical Society, more than 65 private donors have contributed to the project, and will be named on a plaque to be hung beside the painting.

Here are some photos of the painting and from the unveiling event.

Erik Koeppel "Autumn in the White Mountains" 78 x 135 inches. Oil on canvas

The Following day, there was a 10 page story in the Conway Daily Sun 
Link to article:

This week I also gave a talk to the local 7th grade art class about the painting. They were great kids, and had excellent questions. 

with the 7th graders

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