Saturday, January 11, 2014

LA Art Show Jan. 16-19, 2014

Erik Koeppel "Evening in the Yosemite Valley" 24 x 36 will be on view with Rehs Galleries
I'll have several paintings in the L.A. Art Show in Los Angeles with Rehs Galleries, and McColl Fine Art. 

You can find a complimentary ticket to the show through this link:

Here are some more paintings that will be on view at the show:
Erik Koeppel "The Big Sur Coast" 18 x 28in. at Rehs Galleries

Erik Koeppel "Yosemite Falls" 30 x 25 in. at McColl Fine Art

Erik Koeppel "The Yosemite Valley (El Capitan and Bridalveil Falls)" 10 x 16 in. at Rehs Galleries

Erik Koeppel "Giant Sequoia of the Mariposa Grove" 16 x 8 in. Oil on panel at McColl Fine Art

Erik Koeppel "Morning Light on Halfdome" 9 x 14 in. Oil on panel at McColl Fine Art
Erik Koeppel "Heart of the Wilderness" 35 x 46 in. Oil on canvas at McColl Fine Art
LA Art Show details:


Thursday: January 16, 2014 11am - 7pm
Friday:     January 17, 2014 11am - 7pm
Saturday: January 18, 2014 11am - 7pm
Sunday:   January 19, 2014 11am - 5pm

Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figeroa Street
South Hall
Los Angeles CA 90015
Learn my method of painting, from this instructional DVD:


  • Composition Sketch
  • Outdoor Plein Air Study
  • Outdoor Tree at Sunset Study
  • Glazing Demonstration
  • Studio Painting
  • Interview with Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher, B. Eric Rhoads
  • Exhibit of Koeppel paintings
  • 9:37 run time (hours)