Monday, January 26, 2015

Workshop in Jackson Feb. 28-Mar 1, 2015

Erik Koeppel "Summer Rest by the Hudson" 25 x 30 in. Oil on Canvas

Traditional Landscape Painting Using a Layered Approach

with Erik Koeppel & Lauren Sansaricq

Regardless of your level of experience, the goal of this workshop will be to provide you with a thorough introduction to traditional landscape painting. In this workshop, we will attempt to place ourselves in the mindset of the great Landscape Painters of the past.  Students will discover a deeper understanding of how these old masters approached plein-air painting, how they composed the complexity of nature before them, and how they used a layered approach to greater capture qualities of space, and form in the landscape. A supply list will be emailed to registered students.

Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 28 & March 1  $225  10am-4pm

Workshop will be held at JacksonArt in Jackson, NH 

Contact Melanie to enroll and for details:


A 2nd Instructional DVD on my method of painting is coming soon. Here's the first one:



  • Composition Sketch
  • Outdoor Plein Air Study
  • Outdoor Tree at Sunset Study
  • Glazing Demonstration
  • Studio Painting
  • Interview with Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher, B. Eric Rhoads
  • Exhibit of Koeppel paintings
  • 9:37 run time (hours)






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