Monday, December 9, 2013

In PleinAir Magazine Jan2014 Painting in Long Island

Erik Koeppel "Autumn Morning, Long Island" 8 x 16 in. oil on panel
Erik Koeppel "The Boat House Road" 10 x 14 in. Oil on panel
I was honored to be invited to paint at this special event on Long Island, by PleinAir Magazine's editor-in-chief, Stephen Doherty. I was painting with Lauren Sansaricq, Joseph McGurl, Nancy Tankersley, and Dawn Whitelaw. You can read more about it by getting PleinAir click here.

The above paintings which were painted outdoors on the trip just arrived at Rehs Galleries in NYC, although they aren't on the website yet.

Thank you!

Learn my method of painting, from this instructional DVD:


  • Composition Sketch
  • Outdoor Plein Air Study
  • Outdoor Tree at Sunset Study
  • Glazing Demonstration
  • Studio Painting
  • Interview with Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher, B. Eric Rhoads
  • Exhibit of Koeppel paintings
  • 9:37 run time (hours)


  1. Love your instructional dvd and the pictures above are beautiful! Can't wait to get the issue of Plein Air Magazine.

  2. Hello Erik, I like your paintings very much. My grandfather was Kurt Koeppel of Bavaria, Germany and was also a painter. I am wondering if we could be related. He specialised in landscapes and portraits.
    If you would like to pursue a possible family connection, please contact me on . If you would like to view some of his paintings I can send photos to you.
    Cheers, Jenni Hymoff Koeppel

  3. Hi Jenni,
    Thank you for your compliments, I'll be in touch by email. Best, Erik