Monday, October 7, 2013

Painting in France

Erik Koeppel "Road to Comayras" 8 x 14 in. Oil on panel

I just returned from two weeks of painting in Liaucous, France, a beautiful tiny Romanesque village in the Tarn Valley. These are the paintings and studies from the trip:

Erik Koeppel "Gorge du Tarn" 12 x 9 in Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "Morning in the Tarn Valley" 7 x 12 in. Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "Sheep on the Plateau" 8 x 12 in. Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "Studies of a Mule (Banjo)" 7 x 5 Oil on paper

Erik Koeppel "Study of Cliffs, Tarn Valley" 5 x 8 Oil on paper

Erik Koeppel "Study of Liaucous" 9 x 8 in Oil on paper

Erik Koeppel "The Road to Liaucous" 10 x 8 in. Oil on panel
Erik Koeppel "View Over the Tarn" 8 x 14 in. Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "The Road to Peyreleau" 8 x 12 in Oil on paper

These were done outdoors on the trip. I'll be reworking many of these from memory and imagination in the studio, and some of them may be used to make larger paintings.

Here are some of our tourist photos:

This is the street we were staying on

The Villagers were so excited about what we were doing they decided to have an informal show at the end of our stay

My paintings at the show

Villagers enjoying the show

wet paint!

Lauren Sansaricq's paintings at the show

Everybody in town came!
Thanks for reading! If you'd like to see my post from our last trip to this area two years ago click here

This painting from that trip is now at Rehs Galleries in nyc:
click here


  1. What a great experience! One question though, do you find it hard to locate paint and medium in your travels? I'm curious...because of the modern air travel regulations, I assume one would have to purchase materials after flying to the destination.

    1. Hi Michael, no not at all you. You just put your supplies in the checked bag labeled "vegetable oil artist materials". Don't use the word "paint". My understanding from web research is that these material's are not a hazard to fly with, so if you're worried you can print out the facts sheet from the art supply website, and stick it in your bag with them, you should be good to go. I've had my bag searched a couple times, but never with any problem.