Monday, September 16, 2013

New Work Available

Erik Koeppel "Revival: Sunrise in the Kaaterskill Clove" 28 x 36in. Oil on Canvas, Now at McColl Fine Art

Erik Koeppel "Indian River County, Florida" 14 x 24 in. Oil on Canvas, Now at Rehs Galleries

Erik Koeppel "Woodland Trail" 12 x 10 in. Oil on panel, Now at Rehs Galleries      

 And a couple drawings added to the 11th Annual White Mountain Art Show at the Jackson Historical Society

Erik Koeppel "Memory of the Old Man on the Mountain" 8 x 9 in. Ink on paper

Erik Koeppel "Jackson Village" 7 x 5 in. Ink on paper

 See More work of the work from the White Mountain Art Show on this post

Fall Exhibitions:

-Affordable Art Fair New York October 3-6, 2013 with Rehs Galleries 

-Avenue Show- Antiques, Art, and Design at the Armory in New York City Oct 10-13 with Rehs Galleries

-11th Annual White Mountain Art Show and Sale, and Frank Henry Shapleigh from the Inside Out at the Jackson Historical Society in Jackson, NH

-Across This Great Land at Balcony House Gallery, with my friends Jerry Malzahn, David Terry, and Lauren Sansaricq, as well as historic artists George Inness, Thomas Moran, etc. in Dallas, TX opening Oct 19th., 2013 

-The New Hudson River School at Mark Gruber Gallery with Tom Kegler, Lauren Sansaricq and others in New Paltz, NY

Or see my paintings anytime at Rehs Galleries in New York City or McColl Fine Art in Charlotte, NC or Hildt Galleries in Chicago.  

Learn my method of painting, from this instructional DVD:


  • Composition Sketch
  • Outdoor Plein Air Study
  • Outdoor Tree at Sunset Study
  • Glazing Demonstration
  • Studio Painting
  • Interview with Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher, B. Eric Rhoads
  • Exhibit of Koeppel paintings
  • 9:37 run time (hours)

Thank you! 

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