Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upcoming Exhibition in L.A. with Rehs Galleries

Erik Koeppel, "The Claudian Tree" 32 x 24 inches Oil on panel 
My paintings will be on exhibit with Rehs Galleries at the 18th Annual LA Art Show 2013 (visitor info here) which runs from January 23rd - 27th at the LA Convention Center (South Hall).  If you'd like to have a link to free tickets, please sign up for the Rehs Galleries email newsletter.

A couple more paintings that will be there: 

Erik Koeppel "View of Mt. Madison on the Androscoggin River" 10 x 16 inches Oil on panel
Erik Koeppel, "Morning Light Over Liaucous, France" 10 x 16 inches. Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "Along the Hudson" 14 x 22 inches. Oil on canvas
 Enjoy the show! 


Order here:
Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters with Erik Koeppel

See and excerpt! (click here)

Q&A and Testimonials (click here) more is constantly being added in the 'comments' section at the bottom.

Upcoming Workshops:
NEW Workshop in the White Mountains July 25 - Aug 3, 2013 (10 instructed days) (click here for info)

Koeppel Paintings On View:
Rehs Galleries New York City, NY (click here)
McColl Fine Art in Charlotte, NC (click here) 
The Banks Gallery in Portsmouth, NH (click here) Just saw some of my Coastal Scenes in the window!
Art Renewal Center Living Master Gallery: (click here)
New Hampshire Antiques Co-op (click here)
Special Exhibitions:
L.A. Art Show Jan. 23rd to 27th with Rehs Galleries (as above)

Naples, FL Feb. 7th to 11th with Rehs Galleries (more info soon)

Palm Beach, FL Feb. 15th to 19th with Rehs Galleries (more info soon)

Thank you for reading! 

Erik Koeppel Studio
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Jackson, NH 03846
ph: 603-383-7062

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