Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paintings of White Mountain Waterfalls

Erik Koeppel "Ripley Falls" 14 x 11 inches Oil on panel

 I love to paint waterfalls, and this summer visited many of the falls of the White Mountains, sketching most and painting a number of them. Studying the beauty of flowing water in person is a fascinating experience that I hope these paintings capture.

Erik Koeppel, "Glen Ellis Falls" 16 x12 inches Private Collection

Erik Koeppel "Screw Auger Falls" 12 x 8 inches Oil on panel 
Erik Koeppel, "Diana's Bath" 16 x 12 inches Oil on Panel
Erik Koeppel "Fisherman on the Ammonoosuc" 16 x 12 inches Oil on panel
Erik Koeppel "Jail Falls" 11 x 14 inches Oil on panel, Private Collection
Erik Koeppel "The Wildcat River" 14 x 10 inches Oil on Panel Available at McColl Fine Art  
Erik Koeppel "Emerald Pool" 8 x 10 inches Oil on Panel

Erik Koeppel "Jackson Falls" 11 x 14 inches Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "View Over Jackson (with Jackson Falls)" 16 x 24 inches Oil on Panel Private Collection
Erik Koeppel "Jackson Falls" 20 x 16 inches Oil on Panel Private Collection
Erik Koeppel "Hemlocks of Jackson Falls" 16 x 10 inches Oil on Panel, Private Collection

 I've also been sketching at Thompson Falls, Arathusa Falls, Goodrich Falls, Winniweta Falls, and other, but haven't completed/photographed the work yet. It's been as season of explorations.

Here are some historic paintings of White Mountain Waterfalls:

Albert Bierstadt "Emerald Pool"
Benjamin Champney "Glen Ellis Falls"

Frank Henry Shapleigh "Ammonoosuc River"

Benjamin Champney "Ripley Falls"
Benjamin Champney "Jackson Falls" 

John White Allen Scott "Diana's Bath" (they really knew how to cut trees back then!)   

Here's a White Mountain Waterfall by Lauren Sansaricq (b.1990):

Lauren Sansaricq "Maple and Birch Along the Saco River" 14 x11 inches Oil on panel


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