Sunday, June 3, 2012

White Mountain Sketchbook and Making Studio Paintings from Drawings

Since moving to Jackson, NH I've been exploring a lot, and in addition to doing a number of outdoor paintings this Spring (see some of them here). I've been hiking around and doing tons of compositional drawings of different areas. The goal of these drawings is not to produce a finished masterpiece, but to gather knowledge of the area, and capture the gesture and certain key details of a given site that would be necessary to create a studio painting using the drawing (combined with general knowledge of the landscape and imagination.) I've found that as I draw outside more and more, I have an increasingly refined sense of what information I need to begin a studio painting. Sometimes very simple drawings are incredibly useful.

Here are some sketchbook pages, and after I'll post a few of the paintings that have come from some of these drawings (though there are more on the way):

*From Cascade Flats

In Jackson, NH

Birch Stump

Compositional Sketch

*North Moat and Ledges

*North Moat and Ledges

*Mt Adams

Mt Adams

*Mt. Chocorua

*Mt Chocorua from Charter Ledge

Mt Chocorua from the Wildcat Ridge Trail

*Mt. Madison from the Androscoggin

Mt. Madison from the Peabody River

*Mt. Washington from Intervale
Mt. Washington form Pinkham Notch (rt 16)

Mt Washinton from the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail

Mt. Washington from the Saco River

*Mt. Washington from the Wildcat Ridge Trail

North Moat and White Horse Ledge from Cathedral Ledge

*North Moat from Jackson Falls

Moat Mts. from White Horse Ledge

Tuckerman's Ravine

Tuckerman's Ravine

View in Bartlett, NH

Mt. Madison and Mt. Adams (from near rt. 2 (Durand Rd.))

The Mt. Washington Hotel

*White Horse Ledge

Structural Study of Mt. Washington

View from Carter Notch Rd. in Jackson
*View that I've either painted already, or have in progress.

Some of the paintings done from drawings:

Erik Koeppel, "Mt. Chocorua" 14 x 24 inches, Oil on Canvas,  Private Collection

Erik Koeppel, "Mt. Adams" 30 x 48 inches, Oil on canvas (I reworked it again see here)

Erik Koeppel, Mt. Madison from the Peabody River, 10 x 16 inches, Oil on canvas (from life, oops!)

Erik Koeppel, "On the Androscoggin" 16 x 24 inches, Oil on canvas

and here's a bonus beautiful drawing by Asher B. Durand of Mt. Chocorua...

Asher B. Durand, Mt. Chocorua

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July 5th to July 8th, 2012: Traditional Oil Painting at the Wentworth Hotel: elegant wine, food, and accommodations alongside a weekend of painting in the White Mts. Click here for details

July 16th to 26th, 2012: Through the Grand Central Academy of Art: Paint with us in the White Mountains alongside the Hudson River Fellowship for 10 days. Click here for details

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