Monday, April 30, 2012

Outdoor Painting in Early Spring in the White Mountains

Here are some paintings I made outside during those 85 degree days in March. No need for bug spray!

Erik Koeppel "Mt. Madison from the Peabody River" 10 x 16 inches, Oil on canvas 2012

Erik Koeppel, "Jackson Falls" 11x14 inches, Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel, "Thorn Mt., Jackson, NH" 7x14 inches, Oil on panel
Notice that I was excited for Spring and added the leaves into the bottom two paintings. In the Thorn Mt. I also added the fallen log, and apple tree, for a more dynamic foreground. I try not to let what I'm seeing stop me from making the painting that I envision.

Thank you!

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July 5th to July 8th, 2012: Traditional Oil Painting at the Wentworth Hotel: elegant wine, food, and accommodations alongside a weekend of painting in the White Mts. Click here for details

July 16th to 26th, 2012: Through the Grand Central Academy of Art: Paint with us in the White Mountains alongside the Hudson River Fellowship for 10 days. Click here for details

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