Friday, January 6, 2012

White Mountain Winter Landscape Paintings

I find it too chilly to do precise winter paintings outdoors, but love to make winter paintings by drawing outdoors and then painting the subject from memory in the studio. Here are four winter paintings I made based on drawings from my December visit to the White Mountains in New Hampshire where I am preparing to move my studio this month:

Erik Koeppel, Moat Mts. and Whitehorse Ledge (Saco River in the foreground)

Erik Koeppel, Mt. Washington

Erik Koeppel, Mt. Chocorua

Erik Koeppel, The Wildcat River (In Jackson, NH) 

I don't recall the exact sizes, because I left the paintings in NH to dry. They're all oil on panel, and around postcard sized.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love these, Erik. Having hiked there and having climbed Mount Washington, I can say that you have really captured the feel of the area. Beautiful work!

  2. Thanks Bruce! I grew up in the White Mts., and have climbed Mt. Washington as well. It's a beautiful region!

  3. Wonderful paintings with great skill and technique !! Wish you well,