Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Landscape Sketchbook, and Paintings from Sketches

I haven't posted my sketchbooks in a while, so here are tons of drawings from Nature. I use these in all aspects of my work, from doing a detailed study simply to enhance my understanding of the subject, to compositional sketches, to just trying to quickly take note of an experience or thought that I might want to paint later.

Birch on the Saco (near Hart's Ledge)
North Carter and Imp mts.
The Presidential Range

Arathusa Falls

Bear Mt.?

Along the Androscoggin near Gorham

Mt. Madison

Mt. Washington on the Saco River

Thorne Mt. in Jackson (this was a sketch for this painting)

Erik Koeppel "Winter in Jackson" 14 x 24 in. Oil on canvas (Sketch above)

Mt. Washington

Moat Mountains and Ledges

Cathedral Ledge

Presidentials (Madison and Adams)

Presidentials (Madison and Adams)

Lauren Painting

Mt. Adams from Lookout Ledge, Randolph, NH

View from Jackson Falls
Mt. Adams from the Glen House site

The Hudson River from Sleepy Hollow

Oak Tree along the Hudson River

Sketches along the Hudson River

Hudson Valley

more Hudson River

More Hudson Valley

Mt Sugarloaf along the Hudson

Sketch from Champney, Rousseau, and a couple of my own ideas

Lauren playing the Uke

Mt Washington

Mt Washington on the Saco from Conway

Goodrich Falls

Mt Washington on the Saco

Madison from Randolph, NH

Presidentials over Durand Lake

Views in Jackson

View in Pinkham Notch (this was a sketch for the painting below)     

Erik Koeppel "View in Pinkham Notch" 10 x16 in. Oil on panel (sketch above)
Jackson Church

Thompson Falls

Jackson Covered Bridge

Mt. Washington


Sketches of Lauren in Costume Dresses

Echo Lake North Conway

View from Artist Ledge (Crawford Notch, Mt. Willard)

View over Lake Winnipesaukee

Erik Koeppel "View Over Lake Winnipesaukee" 10 x 16 in. Oil on panel (sketch above)

Grafton Notch (used for this painting)

Erik Koeppel "Grafton Notch" 20 x 27 in. Oil on Canvas (sketch above)

Mt. Adams from the Glen House site

Winnipesaukee from Meredith

Wildcat River, Jackson

Boats on Silver Lake

Erik Koeppel "Mt. Chocorua from Silver Lake" 10 x 16 Oil on panel (sketches below)
Sketch of Chocorua from Silver Lake

Sketches of Mt. Chocorua from Silver Lake

That famous Light House in ME