Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two Exhibitions Opening at the Same Time

I believe this is a career first for me. I have two exhibitions opening at almost the exact same time.

 Recovering the American Sublime with Lauren Sansaricq, as on the poster below...

...And also the Guild of Boston Artist's Annual Members Juried Exhibition which will open May 6, 3-5pm. If only Star Trek style transporters could be invented I would love to attend a little of both.

Lauren and I will be attending the Fryeburg reception.

Here's the painting that I'm submitting for the Boston Guild show...

Erik Koeppel "Sunset at Olana" 30 x 48 inches. Oil on canvas.
If you can't make one, maybe the other!

 I'll be posting more on Recovering the American Sublime and the paintings that will be available soon. If you're a collector and would like to preview the works that will be available for sale, please feel free to email

Check out the Products page on my website. Printed Catalogs and Instructional DVDs are available.

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