Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One Day Art Exhibit at the Bethel Historical Society

Erik Koeppel "Autumn Light in the Moat Mountains" 14 x 26 inches. Oil on Canvas

White Mountain Art Exhibit
H5390-L77316018On Saturday, July 2, the Society will present a special, one-day-only exhibition of remarkable White Mountain landscapes in conjunction with the Bethel Art Fair. “A Day in the White Mountains” will include some 30 paintings from one of the largest private collections of White Mountain art in the region.  On view will be works by Benjamin Champney, Aaron Draper Shattuck, Delbert Dana Coombs, Edward Hill, Frank H. Shapleigh, Benjamin Tupper Newman, Thaddeus Defrees, Charles E. Beckett, Samuel W. Griggs, Franklin Stanwood, Hippolyte Louis Garnier, Samuel Lancaster Gerry, Lauren Sansaricq, and Erik Koeppel.
Assuming paintings from this private collection are not for sale, but should be a great show for viewing! 

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