Friday, August 9, 2013

10 Day Workshop, and more Hudson River Fellowship photos

Senior Hudson River Fellow, Brian MacNeil painting Goodrich Falls

Brian's finished first layer

Senior Hudson River Fellow, Edward Minoff's study of Emerald Pool

Some of my workshop demos

Erik Koeppel study at Goodrich Falls

Some of my paintings from the fellowship

teaching the workshop at Jackson Falls

More of my demos (the grisaille is now glazed with color)

Hudson River Fellows celebrate the sale of more than 15 works at their exhibition in Jackson

Workshop student with great grisailles!

Hudson River Fellows painting the Frankenstein Cliffs

workshop student at work

BBQ at the Wentworth, Lauren Sansaricq surveying the fellows work

Workshop student, Patrick Mcphee working on a forest interior study

Patrick's study

another great Patrick Mcphee study from the workshop

Another fantastic workshop painting by Patrick Mcphee

Hudson River Fellow, Robin Kappy's Emerald Pool

Workshop at Crawford Notch

Workshop Drawing

Great Workshop study

another great Workshop study with dramatic clouds

Students of Lauren Sansaricq's workshop did fantastic work

Workshop in Crawford Notch

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More on the 2013 Hudson River Fellowship in Jackson, NH Click Here

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-The 2013 Baltimore Summer Antiques Show August 22-25 also with Rehs Galleries, in Baltimore, MD

-Affordable Art Fair New York October 3-6, 2013 with Rehs Galleries
Or see my paintings anytime at Rehs Galleries in New York City or McColl Fine Art in Charlotte, NC.  


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this - good to see the artists in action! I think Pat got a huge kick out of the workshop. Can't wait to see what he learned.