Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Images for "Pictures Serene and Sublime" Exhibition

These  paintings will also be included in the Exhibition Pictures Serene and Sublime: Traditional White Mountain Art Recaptured at the Bethel Historical Society in Bethel, ME

Erik Koeppel "View of the Presidential Range from Artist's Curve" 14 x 24 inches. Oil on canvas

Erik Koeppel " Autumn on the Peabody River" 10 x 14 inches. Oil on panel

Erik Koeppel "Glory of the Presidential Range" 15 x 24 inches. Oil on canvas

Erik Koeppel "Mt. Washington from Tin Mine Rd." 20 x 24 inches. Oil on canvas

Erik Koeppel "Moon over Mt. Adams" 12 x 10 inches. Oil on panel

And a few of the many 19th Century paintings that will be on view:

Benjamin Champney "Artist's Falls"

Benjamin Champney "Pinkham Notch"

D.D. Coombs "Androscoggin River"

 Franklin Stanwood "Franconia Notch"

J. Spaulding "Baldpate Mt."

George Lorring Brown "Moat Mt."

John White Allen Scott "Mt. Chocorua"

Samuel Lancaster Gerry "Mt. Washington on the Saco"

Aaron Draper Shattuck "Mt. Madison"

The above historic works will be lent by private collections, and will not be for sale. The Jackson Historical Society has generously lent a number of these works.  Very special thanks to Randall H. Bennett, Director of the Bethel Historical Society, for lending his collection, and making this exhibition possible.

More images from Lauren Sansaricq, and I will be added soon!

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, Erik, I was just over on wetcanvas reading an old entry where someone was asking whether or not it was worth it to buy your dvd and all I have to say is just look at the beauty pouring off the screen here. Bravo. Such beauty! I wish they adorned my walls!