Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Article in The Epoch Times about me "Painting the Spirit of the Landscape"

Erik Koeppel "Winter in Jackson" 14 x 24 in. Oil on Canvas (available at Rehs Galleries)

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Here's an excerpt, from Painting the Spirit of the Landscape by Mary Byrom for the Epoch Times.

"Beauty is at the core of Koeppel’s work. He paints tranquil, lazy summer days and raging thunderstorms with curtains of rain racing across the scene. The skies are expansive, the mountains are magnificent, and the light is soft and golden.

“These visual objects have this power to affect us with the greatness of human potential and this knowledge that there is a higher sense of beauty out there that we can strive for,” he said."

Thanks for reading, and please use the link above to read the full article, and see images of paintings.

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