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To the Memory of Thomas Cole

"To the Memory of Cole" by Frederic Church
On this day, Feb 11th, in 1848 the legendary founder of the Hudson River and White Mountain Schools of Landscape painting, Thomas Cole died of an illness at the age of forty seven. This sad day for landscape painting inspired several works by the rising Hudson River School artists in homage to the loss of their master. Now 165 years later, Cole is considered one of the finest and most influential American painters in history, and the movement he began, is in my opinion one of the greatest movements in the history of art.

Here are a couple more historic homages to Thomas Cole:

Jaspar Francis Cropsey

Asher B. Durand "Kindred Spirits"
"Kindred Spirits" depicts the painter, Thomas Cole, and the poet, William Cullen Bryant, in the Kaaterskill Clove (Catskill Mts.) where the Hudson River School began....with this painting...
Thomas Cole "Kaaterskill Falls"
One other aspect of Cole's work that I'd like to celebrate is his enthusiasm for Arcadian imagined landscapes more in the European tradition. Cole made a lot of paintings in this vain, and also influenced several later phase Hudson River School artists to follow in his footsteps. I happen to love this kind of painting and feel it is sometimes under-appreciated today.

Thomas Cole "Dream of Arcadia"
Asher b. Durand in the National Academy of Design

Asher B Durand in the National Academy of Design
John Frederick Kensett "Arcadia" in the Grey Collection
George Inness in the High Museum (I think)
Asher B. Durand in the Met (sadly not on display)
In further appreciation for what Thomas Cole accomplished, I've made my own humble attempts to imitate and understand the philosophy and methods behind his paintings. Here are some pictures that Cole inspired:
Erik Koeppel "Kaaterskill Falls" 48 x 72 in. 
Erik Koeppel "Heart of the Wilderness" 35 x 46 in. 
Erik Koeppel "The Claudian Tree" 32 x 24 in. 
Remember Thomas Cole.


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