Thursday, January 10, 2013

Celebrating Mt. Chocorua in Art!

Asher B. Durand "Mt. Chocorua" now hanging in Jackson, NH

With two great shows of White Mountain Art on view right now: One at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and one at the Museum of White Mountian Art at Jackson in the Jackson Historical Society it's had not to notice the general agreement that Mt. Chocorua is a mountain well worthy of art. Here's the cover image from the MFA show:

Sanford Gifford "Mt. Chocorua" 

Before I begin the wholesale celebration of paintings of Chocorua, here are some inspiring words to put in you in the mindset of the poetic feelings that this mountain can induce:

by Thomas Cole 
By Thomas Starr King (clergyman, orator, and author noted for his writings on the natural beauties of the American landscape)


Aaron Draper Shattuck
Albert Bierstadt
Alfred Thompson Bricher
Alvan Fisher
Benjamin Champney
David Johnson
Frank Henry Shapleigh
Jasper Francis Cropsey
John Casilear
John Frederick Kensett
Samuel Colman
Sanford Gifford (Another!) 
The Great, Thomas Cole (did several, this one is in the New York Historical Society)
William Louis Sonntag
William Paskell
William Ruthven Wheeler (also now on view in Jackson, NH)

...And some paintings celebrating Mt. Chocorua from Lauren and I:

Erik Koeppel "Mt. Chocorua" 14 x 24 in. Oil on canvas Private Collection
Lauren Sansaricq "Mt. Chocorua" 14 x 24 inches. Oil on panel
Erik Koeppel "Mt. Chocorua in Winter", Private Collection
Lauren Sansaricq "Mt. Chocorua" 7 x 11 in. Oil on Panel
Erik Koeppel "Mt. Chocorua from Silver Lake" 10 x 16 in. Oil on panel

Thanks, and enjoy!


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  1. congratulations to erik and laureen! you both painted nice artworks that were inspired in a wonderful place!

    by the way, i like bierstadt very much!