Monday, October 29, 2012

The Hudson River Revisited Exhibition


Erik Koeppel, "Heart of the Wilderness" 35 x 46 inches Oil on Canvas
Join us for our Fall Exhibition
"The Hudson River Revisited"
Featuring the works of 
Erik Koeppel
a Hudson River Fellowship artist
along with Fellowship artists Lauren Sansaricq, Nicholas Hiltner, Todd Casey, Edward Minoff, Travis Schlaht & Travis Seymour

Thursday November 1, 2012 

McColl Fine Art 
126 Cottage Place 
Charlotte, NC 28207 
(off Providence Road, three blocks  
south of the Manor Theater) 

If attending please RSVP at
704.333.5983 or
Here are some other paintings of mine that will be included in this exhibition:

Erik Koeppel, "In the Catskills" 41 x 41 inches Oil on canvas

Erik Koeppel, "The Wilmington Flume" 43 x 41 inches Oil on Canvas

Erik Koeppel, "By the River" 10 x 16 inches. Oil on Canvas

Erik Koeppel, "The Wildcat River" 14x 10.5 inches. Oil on Canvas

see more work HERE


Rehs Galleries, Inc. is my new representative in NYC. Click Here to see the first couple of paintings, and check for more updates soon. Also expect to see some of my paintings if you're visiting the Dallas International Art, Antiques, and Jewelery Show, Nov. 8 -12.
Newly updated website 

Order here:
Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters with Erik Koeppel

Upcoming Workshops:
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Koeppel Paintings On View:
Rehs Galleries New York City, NY (click here)
McColl Fine Art in Charlotte, NC (click here) New work coming soon
The Museum of White Mt. Art at Jackson, NH to visit
The Banks Gallery in Portsmouth, NH (click here) New work coming soon
Art Renewal Center Living Master Gallery: (click here)
New Hampshire Antiques Co-op (see some works still available)
Special Exhibitions:

Although the Sale is officially over, a couple of pieces are still available, and the musuem show will be up until January, 2013: Jackson Historical Society and Museum of White Mountain Art Grand Opening Exhibition and Sale. For details
Thank you for reading! 

Erik Koeppel Studio
P.O. Box 325
Jackson, NH 03846

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