Monday, October 15, 2012

Success at the Sale and Museum Show Reception

Audience celebrates the opening of the new Museum of White Mountain Art in Jackson, NH
Warren Schomaker beside paintings of Crawford Notch. To learn about Warren's dream to make this museum possible [click here]
The Museum's opening exhibition On the Road to Jackson features 19th Century White Mountain Art from the Andrew McLane Collection. Here are some highlights:

Asher B. Durand, Mt. Chocorua

Benjamin Champney, Moat Mts.

Boutelle, Mt. Washington

Sanford Robinson Gifford, Mt. Madison

The limited edition catalog is amazing and available at the Jackson Historical Society for $75 though I think they're almost sold out [email here to get one]

Introduction of the essay on the show by Charles O. Vogel

Special thanks to Charlie for mentioning Lauren Sansaricq and I in the essay

The show also featured a very accurate 6x6ft. 3-dimensional map of the White Mts. on which you could pinpoint the locations where the paintings were made.  

The Museum show is amazing and will be on view until early January in Jackson, NH.

Downstairs is the Annual White Mountain Art Show and Sale, which will continue through next weekend (Sunday Oct 21, 2012). Here are some photos from the sale:

One of my paintings with a Joseph Hekking (19th cent.)

Contemplating a painting by Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990)

Erik Koeppel top Lauren Sansaricq below

My large Mount Madison painting center stage (sorry for the bad photo) 

I've been fortunate to have a number of sales so far as follows:

Koeppel, "View over Jackson"sold

Koeppel, "Jackson Village from the Wentworth Barn" sold
Koeppel "Sketch of the Moat Mts." sold

Koeppel, "Sketch of Chocorua" sold

Koeppel, "Sketch of Mt. Washington" sold

Koeppel, "Sketch of Mt. Washington from Thorn Mt." sold
Thank you so much to my collectors! There's a lot of great work both contemporary and historic at the Sale, so please come have a look when you visit the Museum show.


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Koeppel Paintings On View:
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The Museum of White Mt. Art at Jackson, NH to visit
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Art Renewal Center Living Master Gallery: (click here)
New Hampshire Antiques Co-op (see some works still available)
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Now Open, October 12th-21st, 2012: Jackson Historical Society and Museum of White Mountain Art Grand Opening Exhibition and Sale. For details The online Catalog will be up soon.

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