Friday, October 26, 2012

Rehs Galleries, Inc. is my new New York City Representative

Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. 

Erik Koeppel

Erik recently contacted the gallery to see if we would be interested in handling his work.  What he did not know is that we had been watching his career for some time now.  Erik had local representation, but decided it was time to make a move ... that decision prompted him to contact us and we jumped on the opportunity.
To say Erik is an excellent contemporary Hudson River landscape artist is an understatement; his ability to capture light and atmosphere, along with his style, coloration and technique place him among the very best ... if he lived back in the 1800s, today he would be one of the masters from the 19th century American Hudson River School.
I know you will all enjoy seeing the work ... every time we do, all we can say is WOW! And yes, those prices are correct.

Erik Koeppel
Glen Ellis Falls
16 x 12 inches

Price: $3,950.00
Erik Koeppel - Glen Ellis Falls 
Morning Light Over Liaucous, France
10 x 16 inches
Price: $3,950.00
Erik Koeppel - Morning Light over Liaucous, France 

As always, we greatly appreciate your interest and should you have questions about any of the works featured on our web site, please let me know.

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