Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grisaille Painting Finished (Part 2)

A while ago, I posted some images of a painting as I pushed it from Grisaille to color in 3 hours. I recently finished the painting, and thought I would share. To see the original post click here

Erik Koeppel, "By the River" 10 x16 inches, Oil on canvas
Here is the final image from the 3 hour session months ago:

The same painting on it's first day in color

The difference isn't a 'final pass' of opaque color picking away at each of the details as is sometimes thought. The above picture was achieved by many many layers of glazing and refining; selecting and balancing light and color, and unifying the composition. Rather than think of painting as the execution of a method, I prefer to think of it as an intellectual process of problem-solving that leads to a higher understanding of what the picture means.

Here's another painting that was made using a grisaille underpainting:

Erik Koeppel, "Poet at the Temple of Venus" 32 x 40 Inches, Oil on Canvas 

 That's an entirely invented Arcadian scene.

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