Thursday, December 8, 2011

Part 2 The Imagined Landscape Workshop

An Imagined Landscape by Erik Koeppel      
We Started by gathering around the art-books and reviewing principles from last time     
Below are some student homework drawings. They're much more dynamic than last class. Students were encouraged to study master tree drawings, and emphasize those characteristics of the tree that reveal its sculptural qualities and movements through space. Three dimensional thinking and proportional design are very important in imagined/invented work. I believe that working these things out in the studio helps a lot to make sense of what we see outdoors.

I went on to do a demo where I added a tree into the sky and earth transition we created last class:

The panel on the side was used to demonstrate and clarify principles as we went.

This is as far as I got, so I'll try another layer on it next week and demonstrate some glazing
Lauren also worked on her demo from last week, which was very helpful for everyone.
Lauren Sansaricq Demo   
We also discussed paint layers in a studio painting in progress

A student painting in progress

Discussion comparing an outdoor study to the larger studio painting

A Claude Lorrain drawing we talked about

Another great Claude Lorrain drawing in a really great Italian book one student brought. Thank you!
Thank you for reading!

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