Wednesday, October 12, 2011

American Artist Covers Erik Koeppel Workshop

American Artist asked artist/writer, John Parks to write an article on my workshop this summer through the Grand Central Academy. John came out with us for a couple of days, interviewed the students and I, and wrote this very kind article which just came out in American Artist: Plein Air Painting Fall 2011 issue. I'm very flattered to be included, and I hope anyone who's interested will pick up a copy and check it out.

"During the twentieth century attention to the Hudson River School became largely historical as artists moved on to other kinds of painting.  But the recent upswing in interest in traditional techniques and approaches has rekindled an awareness of the group.   This summer the painter Erik Koeppel, in conjunction with the Grand Central Academy in New York, offered a workshop in a particular landscape technique which allows painters to recreate the look, feel and philosophy of the Hudson Valley painters. Remarkably, much of the scenery that inspired the nineteenth century painters remains intact and unspoiled so that students can experience many views exactly as they were nearly two centuries ago.   Painting in some of the famed locations beloved of painters like Cole, Durand, Kensett and Gifford, Koeppel spelled out the parameters of the style and approach while conducting daily demonstrations of a technique that is very much akin to that used in the nineteenth century. "

Here are some of the paintings from the article, which also contains lots of demo shots, and technical advice:

Erik Koeppel, "Sunrise at Kaaterskill Creek", 16 x 20 inches, oil on panel

Erik Koeppel, "Morning in the Catskills", 20 x 16 inches, oil on panel

Erik Koeppel, "The Poet's Reply" 32 x 40 inches, oil on panel
Thank you for reading. The next post may be about NH studies.